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Are You Sure You Meant What You Said? Staking Your Reputation on the Quality of Translation

Posted by G3 Translate on January 8, 2019

Marketing your product or brand in another country is exciting -- and risky. Relying on others to translate your verbatim message and your intended subtext can have a serious impact on your reputation once it's sent out. A quality translation will make you look great, while the opposite could have dismal effects.

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Nancy Hernon & Jamin Brazil: Speaking The Language Of Market Research

Posted by G3 Translate on December 19, 2018

She’s at it again! Nancy Hernon, CEO of G3 Translate and member of the Forbes New York Business Council sat down with Jamin Brazil of the Happy Market Research podcast to chat about the company and the translation industry as a whole.

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Why Working with an Experienced Translator is Better Than Doing It Yourself

Posted by G3 Translate on November 14, 2018

Sure, you may be multilingual. You're fluent in communicating in several languages and that's an amazing accomplishment. Or, you may have some highly-rated software that translates documents for you. That's terrific, too. It's not the same when it comes to the translation of market research materials. If you attempt to translate your surveys into different languages yourself, you're apt to run into challenges that could seriously derail your success. You're going to benefit greatly by working with a translation agency skilled in marketing. But why?

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Don't Show the Soles of Your Shoes

Posted by G3 Translate on October 11, 2018

As an expert in your industry, you are consistently updating your knowledge base with pertinent information and details about clients and corporate policies. You rely on knowing the facts and figures required to seal deals and work with partners. However, successful business trips abroad don't only depend on the details in your briefcase.

Having a working knowledge of cultural differences as you visit foreign nations is essential to your success around the world. Many of our American gestures are pretty commonly understood across the globe, but some of them are insults. Consider these gestures to avoid while traveling:

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Six Expert Tips to Combat Jet Lag

Posted by G3 Translate on September 13, 2018

Whether your business requires you to fly to your headquarters across the country, or embark upon international travel to negotiate big contracts,  jet lag has its way of getting you down and zapping your energy. Many of us think of jet lag as only making us "tired." In fact, it impacts us in other ways causing indigestion, bowel issues, appetite changes, memory loss and focus fog. Avoiding it is nearly impossible, but it IS possible to reduce its impact!

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Quality Counts: How to Measure the Accuracy of Your Translation

Posted by G3 Translate on August 16, 2018

Even on a linguist's best day, it's a challenge to measure the accuracy of a translation, outside of actually launching a survey (or other documents) and waiting to see how respondents react. Until you've put it to the test, the outcome can't be predicted. Translation service experts agree that even a minor mistranslation can put an entire project at risk. However, there are some key steps you can take to ensure that your translation hits the mark.

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Subcontracting Survey Translation for Multiple Languages

Posted by G3 Translate on July 11, 2018

When you have a successful product or service, you want to be able to market it and promote your brand internationally. However, it's not just as simple as throwing together a survey to gauge global interest and sending it over social media. You could do that, of course, but you're not going to get the results you're hoping for.

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Don't Leave Home Without It: Ten Things to Always Pack

Posted by G3 Translate on June 15, 2018

As a road warrior, you get to be pretty efficient at packing your travel bags. You understand that different climates require different items: rainy areas require umbrellas or rain gear, cold destinations require warm coats. Some trips may require attire for fun and games in addition to work outfits. Regardless of where you go, some essentials remain constant. Consider these tips for international travel and discover the ten things that you should never leave without!

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