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10 Best Apps for International Business Travelers

Posted by G3 Translate on September 1, 2017

When you travel overseas for work, it can bring on a whole litany of issues to deal with. You do have devices right in your hand that can help you with that, which is great news! These are obviously your smartphone and tablet. There are fantastic apps you can download that will cater to the busy international business traveler. Here are 10 of the best apps to download right now that might help you out.

Freebird10: Freebird

This app is like an old school travel agent in your back pocket. All you do is register your flight and if for some reason it gets delayed or canceled, you can book a new flight online with this app very quickly on any airline. It’s so fast and literally requires three taps on your touchscreen to resolve your flight issue.

Velocity9: Velocity

Need a highly coveted dinner reservation to impress your clients in an unfamiliar foreign city? Velocity is the app for that. This has the hottest listing of restaurants all over the world that you can get into by going into the app. Explore London as one of their best international offerings, so you never again question where you should go to dinner to broker that killer deal.

Day Use8: Dayuse.com

This is a very helpful app that allows you to book “day use” hotel rooms all over the world. So when you have a layover of eight hours in a foreign city, but just want to grab a shower and a nap, this app will help you do that at a reduced rate.

Oasis7: Oasis

If you are tired of the regular hotel experience or have to travel somewhere for weeks or even months at time, this app can help you secure that luxury apartment with the amenities you need. Think of it like a high end Airbnb.

SideKix6: SideKix

Trying to explore an international city, but don’t have any idea on how to get around? This app, SideKix will assist you with that. It gives you all kinds of suggestions on restaurants to try, galleries to visit, and the best walking destinations in the city. Explore like a local with the help of this trusty app!

whatsapp.png5: WhatsApp

This app allows you to text, call or video anywhere in the world using your cell phone's voice minutes. Plus, if you are traveling with a team of people from work, you can use the group chat function to stay in touch easily.

SayHi Translate4: SayHi Translate

Don’t quite speak the language? This app, SayHi Translate, will help you with all kinds of dialects and regional ways of speaking all over the world from Japanese to Catalan and every land in between. Just don't use it to translate your next marketing research survey. Call the experts at G3 Translate for that!

Amount3: Amount

Trying to figure out international currencies can be a tricky endeavour. You don’t even need to do the math with the Amount App. It’s a currency converter that will make sure you’re paying the right amount in any country, especially the non-Euro ones.

Jet Lag Rooster2: Jet Lag Rooster

Jet lag is a serious issue for many international travelers. You can combat this problem with this scientifically-proven app called the Jet Lag Rooster. It was created by the Swan Medical Group and is aimed to help you shift your body clock to fight this traveling problem.  

GeoSure1: Geosure

In this problematic world, it’s good to know an app can help you be safer while traveling. This international app tells you all about political uprisings, environmental problems, and even crime reports about the area you are in. It may sound a little paranoid, but the real-time information that Geosure can provide you is tapped into local authorities, state departments, Interpol, and even the United Nations to keep their information fresh and helpful for your safety.

We hope you enjoyed this list, and we know that there are countless other apps out there to keep weary travelers in good form. What's your most-used app when you're traveling for business? Let us know in the comments!

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