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When Your Vendor Matters: Finding Translation Services You Can Trust

Posted by G3 Translate on December 1, 2017

We are an innovative company that combines linguistic talent with advanced technology and a deep understanding of the insights industry. Our translation services help our clients collaborate on a global scale. Brands and companies are moving quickly into new markets, evaluating new products and need client feedback for internal changes. We know that companies are basing massive amounts of potential investment dollars based on the data collected through highly-focused global market research. For this reason, the translation quality of international questionnaires needs to be spot on. At G3 Translate our difference shines through our experience, our commitment to connectivity and ultimate dependability for translation accuracy.


Our company employs long-term experienced professionals who are passionate about their work and language. Our operations staff handles the project management with quick and thorough responses. This allows our highly experienced linguists to focus on the translation of your marketing surveys. Our translators take the time to research not only the local customs of your target demographic, but also the industry-specific lingo required by your clients. 


It may feel as if language divides us, but a love of building communication bridges keeps our project managers, clients and translation teams connected. We rely on collaborative effort just as much as we do on great solo work. There is a time to collaborate both with you as a client and with each other to ensure we bring our absolute best to each translation job. From a technology standpoint, we're committed to keeping our global teams totally connected with the latest in translation tools and workflow management software.


Market research isn't just a one-shot deal. As you are committed to providing your end clients with actionable insights, we too look to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. Ongoing collaboration ultimately shortens time frames and reduces costs as we develop customized glossaries, translation memories, style guides and workflow for each client based on individual needs. In this way, our partnership helps your agency to seamlessly respond to a wide range of client requests. We want to be a dependable, integrated partner in your company's growth by providing the highest quality of translation you've experienced.


Your clients may be trying to establish a brand in a new region or country and we all know they only get one chance to get it right. We customize our translation services to meet the needs of you and your end client by providing expert consulting beyond the simple conversion of words and going deeper into dialects, cultural nuances or sensitivities that can make a big difference in your project. Our localized understanding can not only deliver better translation of your survey, but our translators can provide cultural context and deeply valuable insight about respondents' answers, which can deliver a tangible intangible win for your client when the responses are back translated and reported within cultural context. 

Ready to win over your client with a deeply meaningful translation of their global insights project? We're ready to turn our trustworthy translation teams loose on delivering your message clearly no matter what border you need to cross.

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Heel erg bedankt! If G3 hadn't done our English to Dutch translation, we would've been in a bind.
要上天! It is such a relief I found experts on the Chinese language at G3 Translate.
Nous pouvions avoir l’esprit tranquille. Our French translation partner is the best.

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