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Does Your Vendor Speak Your Language?

Posted by G3 Translate on July 1, 2017

To get the message across, global businesses must speak to customers in their language. Translation solutions help cross language barriers, but they can become difficult if the vendor isn't speaking your language in other ways. Here are three challenges to be aware of when choosing a partner for translation services.

Deadlines are critical and rushing impacts quality - find a team that will ensure the timeline is understood by all parties
1. Deadlines

Haste makes waste. It’s more than just a proverb; it has scientific documentation. Translation work, specifically, should never be rushed. This can lead to copy errors or missteps in terms of cultural understanding. It's important that any service provider understand your timeline and be able to deliver high-quality work when you need it.

To this end, it’s important to find a translation team that will do the work up-front to ensure that timeline expectations are firmly understood by all parties.

Finding a single translation service provider can save time and worry when handling multiple projects.

2. Budget

Global companies don't want to negotiate with independent contractors every time they face a new language need. It's simply too time consuming to vet new people every time, then worry about their cultural sensitivity, work quality, and whether they'll submit a bill on time and on budget. This can be simplified by finding a single service provider whom you trust, that can deliver your needs within your budget.

Make sure your message is being translated by someone who understands the nuance of the message. 3. Accuracy 

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter - it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” - Mark Twain

Accuracy is key to getting your message across -- something as simple as one incorrect word could distort your meaning. It's not a matter of finding someone who speaks the language you need, but who understands the nuance behind your message and can select the best word.

To make sure your message is getting across, you need a partner you can trust to understand your business needs and align the translation work in the right manner to accurately represent your company.

We translate hundreds of language combinations using a personalized approach, translating your content to be accurate and culturally sensitive rather than trying to shoe-horn in your message. Every job is subjected to a three-step translation and validation process to ensure accuracy and reduce the chance for a cultural mistake. To learn more about our translation services or get a free estimate, contact us.

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