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From Boarding to Baggage Claim: The Seven Best Books to Read on a Plane

Posted by G3 Translate on April 16, 2018

In between working on that upcoming presentation and texting your son to remind him about baseball practice, you may find yourself with a few spare moments to do something for you during your flight to see your next client or attend an important meeting. It’s a rare occasion that you actually have free time, right?

You could squander it by checking recent posts on Instagram, or you could invest that time in reading a book. Yes, an actual, honest-to-goodness book -- with pages. (Or, maybe virtual pages on your tablet.) With a long enough flight (and the extended wait time during the boarding process), you could make a considerable dent in one of these seven best books to read on a plane:

1. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business

Authored by award-winning business reporter Charles Duhigg, this interesting read delves into why habits exist and how you can change them. Duhigg uses examples of human nature and their effects on activities in boardrooms, NFL sidelines and the front lines of the civil rights movement. Learn about how getting a handle on your habits can lead to business, community or life transformation. (And, let’s be real: ditching bad habits and trading them for good ones is a win-win for everyone!).

2. Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence -- and How You Can Too

In his recently published work, New York Times bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk delivers the powerful message of developing a personal brand through stories of inspirational entrepreneurs and influencers who have mastered social media platforms and utilized them for business success. Tactical advice leads you through harnessing the power of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Spotify, Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, iTunes and Musical.ly. But, it’s not just a guide to brand building and social media use; it’s a “blueprint to living life on your own terms.” (Every road warrior needs a piece of that!)

3. From Silk to Silicon: The Story of Globalization Through Ten Extraordinary Lives

Every international business traveler needs a comprehensive overview of the globalization of our world. From Silk to Silicon shares the transformative achievements of Genghis Khan, Cyrus Field and Andy Grove (among others), demonstrating how seemingly simple efforts can shape our world and our perception of it. Author Jeffrey E. Garten examines the influence one person can have on globalization and the impact it has on entire cultures. While this text may not prepare you for that next sales meeting, it delivers you to a broader understanding of the world.

4. Principles: Life and Work

Writer and investment guru Ray Dalio claims that “life, management, economics and investing can all be systemized into rules and understood like machines.” If that’s really the case, you shouldn’t miss out on this read! Demonstrating ways for organizations to establish decision making, approach challenges and develop strong teams, Dalio approaches these processes in unconventional methods that have worked for his company, which has made more money for its investors than any other hedge fund in the United States. Sharing his journey from a middle-class Long Island neighborhood childhood to claiming a spot on Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world, Dalio helps you employ a new system of business skill and efficiency, sure to lead you down a successful path.

5. Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words for Influence and Impact

Join the ranks of two million people across five continents and over 55 countries who have trained with author Phil M. Jones in the lost art of spoken communication. Your job relies on your ability to communicate and a few minutes spent in the air today could help you gain the skills to know what to say, when to say it and how to make it count. Jones, regarded as one of the world’s leading sales trainers, is a best-selling author and coach to some of the most remarkable global brands in the world. However, as you’re learning about the art of communication, keep in mind all of those cultural no-no's that will keep you out of hot water with overseas colleagues

6. Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World--and Why Things Are Better Than You Think

Interesting anecdotes and inspirational stories lead you to shake the top 10 instincts that are distorting your perspective of global trends. For instance, author Hans Rosling discourages the common tendency to divide the world into two factions (usually versions of us and them), encourages a less fearful consumption of media and suggests a much more open-minded view of progress. Most of our impressions of the world are made with little information and predictable biases. And, while you may be well versed on cultural nuances and faux pas to avoid (thanks to G3, of course!), this book offers insight to other nations and their roles in the world. Factfulness aims to embrace a more global perspective based on facts and courage. A little global empowerment is great for a quick airline read, especially when you are a regular to international travel!

7. Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity

Burned out? Tired? Sure, it’s common. David Whyte’s 2002 work helps navigate your way from mediocrity to job satisfaction. At some point in your career, you’ll lose focus of who you are professionally; with every new job, title change or additional tasks, it’s easy to find yourself adrift at the whim of others, instead of establishing your own work persona with goals and personal objectives. If you’re hoping to develop a love for your work, again, and achieve a better work/life balance, take a few minutes to thumb through the poetry and lively anecdotes that make this a must-read. Learning to love your work, instill more passion into your world and fulfill that empty feeling you’re inevitably left with after long days and thankless hours is difficult. But, Whyte’s inspiration helps you build a path for such a journey.

Each of these texts has a significantly impactful message. But, sometimes, when you’re traveling for business, you just need to step back and smell the roses--give your brain a break! In that case, hook yourself up with a book from The New York Times Best Sellers list. From romance to suspense, you’ll find something to break up the monotony and fuel your spirit, even if just for a few minutes in the airport.

What's the best book you've read while traveling? Let us know in the comments!
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