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Test Driving a Translation Services Partner

Posted by G3 Translate on July 15, 2017

Every day we work with marketing professionals who are juggling diverse projects, clients and deadlines. We know that adding vendors to the mix can be a bit daunting. But when marketing research must be translated to get global feedback, you need a translation service provider with experience in the insights industry. 

Our long-term clients know the value we bring to the table. From our local linguists, to our sensitivity to cultural nuances and our quality control process, the G3 Translate way delivers meaningful translation for your insights project no matter where the work takes you. We know what is important to our clients and we offer these issues for consideration before choosing a translation team for your research projects. 

Quality Control

You’ve heard of Google Translate, right? There’s a reason this is not used for professional documents or insights. Word for word translation is not what expert quality control is about. It is important to understand the company’s system for multi-stage translation quality control. First comes the actual translation, second there are cultural nuances to be considered, third there are brand, industry-specific terminology and regionalisms to evaluate. Without taking all of this into account, you may deliver data lacking meaningful insights to the target markets your client is looking to enter. 

Translator Status

Freelancing in the translation industry is big business. But when quality matters a linguists’ status can be an important part of receiving the very best results. Consistency in translation and back translation of the results requires consistency. Knowing that your job is not being outsourced to unknown entities in pieces and parts is imperative. At G3 Translate our linguists are all tested and fully vetted by our team and are as diverse in their languages as they are in their subject matter expertise. We bring the right translator to each project and allow for total immersion into the project for top-notch continuity.

Translator Experience

Having a native speaker of the target language is a key component for success in translation. Native speakers understand not only the language, but can intuitively change the wording to deliver better translations embedded into cultural context. For example, a Portuguese speaker from Portugal may have difficulty understanding a Brazilian. The language varies so greatly between these countries that it sounds like a totally different language to the listener. However, the greater difference will be the cultural context a great translator can provide to minimize confusion and enhance the immediate understanding of the nature of the question being asked in any marketing survey. Even within countries, dialects and nuances occur and our experts know when to change translations when deeper meaning can be derived through a change in an actual word or simply in the wording of a phrase. 

Project Management

You know that great translation takes time, but we know that your client is working on a deadline. Our project management team works directly with Field Managers, Project Managers and the like to make sure there is a complete understanding of the project scope and time frame before projects get started. We know there are always exceptions to our standard times. You might be interested in this crazy project entrusted to us right at Chinese New Year. At G3 Translate our operations team can manage your project so you can always provide clear updates and helpful progress reports to your client. 


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