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Three Factors that Impact Translation Costs

Posted by G3 Translate on January 1, 2018

Keeping a project on-time and within budget is key for any successful project manager. But before a project can get started, the bid must be completed. Understanding key factors which directly affect pricing can be of tremendous help to get the project started more quickly. Here, we shed light on three key factors that directly affect the cost of translation: language, complexity and deadlines.


Translating rare languages can directly affect the price of your translation!Language matters. Most translation agencies offer competitive rates for common language combinations but will typically increase pricing for more difficult projects involving rare languages. For example, a simple English-to-Spanish translation will typically fall into a lower price category; but a translation project which involves lesser-known languages or unusual language combinations (think translating Hindi into Icelandic), will fall into a higher price category. Working with an expert translation company that routinely handles the translation of less common language combinations will ultimately save money and time and will ensure a quality result. Be sure to ask if the agency has linguistic resources for the specific subject matter as well as for the language pair as this will ensure the use of sector-specific terminology and produce a translation that is geared for the target market.



From voice over requests to transcriptions, 
web localizations to market research translations, there is a wide range of complexity involved in translation projects. Any great RFP will include detail of desired outcomes and specifics about deliverables. Will the translation need to be in transcription form? Will it need to adhere to certain length constraints? Make sure you are very clear about the quality of the final deliverable needed to ensure the complexity of the project has been truly understood and is reflected in your price quote.

As you can imagine, translating a simple email invite will typically cost less than translating an entire questionnaire and coding the verbatims. Many companies charge according to the number of words the client requests for translation rather than the LOI. Based on this price schematic, a larger document translation will obviously cost more than a smaller document translation. However, sometimes snippets of information, phrases or short answers require extra work for translators, such as the modification of scales to each local market for income or educational ranges. In this way, the exact size of the deliverable may not be as important as the level of complexity in determining price.

At G3 Translate, we specialize in the marketing research & insights industry. We translate survey instruments and moderator guides. Google translate might offer a word-for-word translation, but it cannot take into account local dialects, bias, cultural cues or even slang. These factors can play a central role in the complexity of any translation project.

But translating in one direction is only the beginning of our work. We also often back-translate responses for coding or for report writers to use in citations in their final presentation. When necessary, we recommend modifications to the scales or responses provided if they are not culturally relevant or the brands do not exist in the target market. Getting the translation right from the beginning (including accounting for differences in dialect, understanding of cultural nuances and slang) greatly affects the accuracy of the information coming back. In the end, the quality of the insight relies heavily on the quality of the translation.



We all want the highest quality work. We also all live in the real world and face real deadlines. Often our clients need feedback as quickly as possible in order to make a manufacturing or marketing decision. Working with a team of translation experts who understand the urgency of completing your project is important. When quality work is produced the first time under the initial deadline for the project, it saves company resources. 

At G3 Translate we apprise the entire team on project specs including deadlines. We work backwards to create project check-ins to ensure key segments are completed on schedule. As a global company, we have the cultural awareness to understand that things such as international holidays may affect the project timeline. We proactively handle these issues and hand-pick the right team of experts who can meet deadlines regardless of the time constraints

Finding  experts to craft the best possible translation regardless of language, complexity and deadlines is imperative for successful project completion. No matter what the language, the size or time frame, the expert team at G3 Translate will give an accurate quote, provide smooth workflow and deliver your project on time and within budget.

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