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Top 11 Podcasts for Busy Professionals

Posted by G3 Translate on October 15, 2017

As a busy professional it’s always go, go, go. If you travel for your career, there are bound to be downtimes at the airport, Uber travel time, or a few evening hours stuck in the hotel. Looking for some entertainment and education that won’t keep you up too late to make it to the 8 AM conference call? Check out these 11 recommended podcasts for the busy professional!

Balanced Living for Busy ProfessionalsBalanced Living For Busy Professionals

This even has the words “busy professionals” in the title! This one couldn’t be more perfect for the executive with so many demands on their time. Diane Randall runs this podcast which features all kinds of topics from self-care to nutrition, and obviously how to better balance your time.

Ted Radio Hour
The TED Radio Hour

 It can be hard when you are so busy to watch all those cool, trendy TED Talks that everyone is discussing around the water cooler. This podcast explores all of them in a roundup way that is educational and entertaining. Guy Raz from NPR presents this program which has over 100 back-episodes to explore.

Wired Podcast UK
The Wired UK Podcast

 This podcast is put out by Wired Magazine. It’s all about business, tech, science, and the ideas that shape our world. Don’t miss Podcast 303, on topic of  “Hotel Hacks!” It has some very valuable resources for the consummate business traveler.

The World in WordsThe World in Words

Want to know the difference between language and dialect? Want to learn about the fascinating roots of a variety of languages, or how to say “selfie” in Arabic? If you have an interest in language, this is the podcast for you. Hosted by Patrick Cox, this Public Radio International podcast blends the perfect mix of information and entertainment.


An award winning podcast that you shouldn’t miss. They won the Peabody in 2010, so you know this one is worth listening to. It’s all about exploring the mysteries of life through sound and entertaining stories.

Note to SelfNote To Self

This one is hosted by Manoush Zomorodi and is all about essential questions you should ask yourself in this fast moving day and age. Have you binged “Black Mirror” yet? A recent podcast explored all about how the consequences of technology affect our daily lives.

Anna Faris is UnqualifiedAnna Faris Is Unqualified

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. If you love celebrity gossip, this is a great time killing podcast that entertains you, with actress Anna Faris leading these sessions. She interviews all kind of celebrities that are usually her friends. Don’t miss episode #17 with Chris Evans (Captain America) and comedian Jenny Slate for some killer gossip about their one-year relationship.

The Axe Files
The Axe Files With David Axelrod

As a busy professional sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the ever changing political climate. Listening to David Axelrod, chief strategist for President Obama, will help you out with some key talking points. He regularly chats with some of the key players in D.C, including Mitt Romney and Madeline Albright.

Planet Money
Planet Money - The Economy Explained

With business topics explored in this valuable podcast, you’ll feel like you have a front row seat to the best economics topics that will help you in all your international business dealings.

Welcome to Night ValeWelcome To Night Vale

Sometimes you just want to get lost in a terrific fiction mystery. Welcome to Night Vale is all that and more. This will definitely get you through that long flight to Hong Kong that you've been dreading.

WTF with Marc MaronWTF With Marc Maron

Take yourself out of your daily life with a little laugh. Comedian Marc Maron helms this very popular podcast, which is all about getting celebs, politicians, and pop culture figures to open up. You’ll be hanging on every word with a smile. A perfect listen when you are waiting for room service to show up with your wilted club sandwich and much needed glass of wine.

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