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From Good to Great: Translation Quality Matters

Posted by G3 Translate on January 15, 2018

Translation quality is crucial to ensure the correct message is getting across to an audience. Proper translation goes deeper than simply translating the words used. It must consider cultural differences, subtle nuances for contextual meaning, and even consideration for regional dialects and slang. Because of these complexities, even minor mistakes can have a large impact the intended meaning of the document.

Choosing low cost before value when selecting a translation agency can result in poor-quality results for a project. Finding an agency that offers quality translations at competitive rates is key for ensuring the messaging for the project is accurate and successful. But how does that quality happen? At G3 Translate, our team includes an expert translator, editor and proofreader. This is the foundation for success and our area of expertise. But we know there are more things on your mind as you send a project out for completion. Here, we offer a few of our thoughts on how you can get accurate results, increase productivity, keep costs down and, in the end, deliver a quality project your team can be proud of. This is how we help your team go from receiving good translations to great translations!

Get Accurate Results

Accuracy is key when translation services are needed for market research, web localization, or human resources projects. Those reading the final product must be able to comprehend the language completely, assess the information, and utilize the data to plan next steps. Translations that are difficult to understand can lead to false, inaccurate reporting, which can also result in skewed data. Investing in solid translation services reflects positively on a company’s projects and image.

Increase Productivity

Operations become more seamless and streamlined when accurate and clear translations are received. When employees and customers don’t have to struggle to understand a translated document, they can complete tasks in a timelier and more efficient manner. Incomprehensible work can delay projects and cost the company resources and money. Accurate translations are especially important when using translations in HR functions, such as employee training guides, manuals, and videos. Therefore, obtaining high-quality translations should be a priority for the company to reflect positively on employees and customers When your translation project is delivering insights for a market research project, the quality of translation can go beyond increasing productivity and deliver a true understanding of consumer perceptions. Accuracy in translations of open-ended survey questions can deliver clear and meaningful insights which can quickly be brought back to the client for review. No matter what the industry, G3 Translate tailors each project to ensure their results are accurate, timely and reflect the culture at hand appropriate so as not to create confusion or delay. 

Cut Costs

Inaccurate translations can do more harm than good for a project. What may seem like cost savings in the beginning can create higher costs if the project - or even a piece of it - needs to be redone. Obtaining accurate results, the first time around, saves time, money and resources. Investing in a professional translation team, known for producing quality results in a timely manner, ensures value is being addressed within the confines of the budget. At G3 Translate we are mindful of the savings we deliver in the long-run to our clients by the tremendous value of our services.

Strike a Balance

We understand the real world. Project Managers have goals to complete projects within deadlines and budgets. While it’s true that choosing the lowest price translation service can result in low-quality work, budgets sometimes create obstacles in choosing the best decision for the long-run. Every day, we work with managers striving for a balance between cost and quality. Our own Project Managers know how to help you optimize operations and budgets for the best possible outcome.

Ready to move from good to great?

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