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Which Business Documents Can G3 Translate Handle?

Posted by G3 Translate on February 18, 2018

Whether you're communicating with someone in Brussels or in Boston, you need to be able to deliver a clear message that is understood and culturally relevant. Verbatim translations are hardly ever effective and leave significant room for misunderstandings. Our team at G3 Translate can bridge the gap by helping you deliver your message and understand your audience's response.

You might be wondering, what project types and documents can you expect G3 Translate to handle for you?

Market Research Translation

Many of our clients come to us with market research translation needs - survey translation in particular. From converting questionnaires to translating the open-ended responses from surveys, we give you the whole package so you can effectively communicate and understand your target audience. 

We commonly translate documentation for panelists, which may include sensitive legal issues about privacy policies or terms and conditions. We develop invitation copy and translations for screeners, and on occasion, we deliver moderator guides for focus groups.

Additionally, we translate new product concepts. These concepts are usually for testing a new campaign or product to see learn how respondents feel about an ad or product description. 

If you need a document translated within the field of market research, it's likely that we can translate it for you!

Human Resources Translation

It's important to not only communicate with your target audience, but also your employees! You should take time to understand the cultural differences that could cause a potential internal issue down the road. From helping you navigate afternoon siestas, water cooler chit chat and other common work customs, we can rework your employee manuals, relocation information, employee onboarding materials, training peripherals and contracts.

Web Localization

Your online presence and communication style must be on track for the various cultures that you are targeting. The experts at G3 Translate can help through cultivating customer/employee trust regarding language, dialect, industry and subject matter. The kind of copy that resonates in Brazil might not come across as well in Finland. It's our job to help adjust your verbiage to appeal to both audiences!

Transcription Services

While many companies may offer to transcribe your interviews, focus groups or other interactions with your target audience, we will give you an effective translation as we transcribe.

For instance, you can get a verbatim transcription of a telephone interview with a respondent. But, why not have it translated too so you can have a complete understanding of the conversation? As references are made to pop culture or colloquial slang is used, we help convert it so that it's understandable and relayed in a manner that gives the original conversation justice. 

From business documents to marketing research materials, our team can help you effectively and accurately communicate with others around the world. We make you look good and sound good -- you can take it from there!

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